Welcome to the Comenius Project in LO Trzcianka site. Today is 18 February 2018.

Our trip with performance started from secound day after our meet. At our first brainstorminig we were talking about our ideas and we were connecting this in one big screenplay. In every free time between workshops and plays witch help us how to play emotions and basic thing about paling on stage, we had brainstorming. In Poland we made really a lot but real hard working started near to our second meet. Both group have own ideas we were read all screenplays and we knew a little how will be look our play. Although when we meet in German everything change our screen play was shorter of half because some elements was useless or not necessary to show what we want. After all changing wa time to meet our cauth German actor Urlich. First meeting was strange at start we moving around class and doing strange things and screaming...


During our trip to Germany we went to Hamburg. On 18th April we met in Lehrte at the train station and there waited for our train. When the train was going we had a lot of great fun talking to each other The first place we saw in Hamburg was the situated on the river Elbe harbour. The “Must- have“ was going around by ship. The guide told the story of this place. The most important is the fact, that the port of Hamburg is the second-busiest port in Europe and the largest in Germany...

Paulina Ĺť.


After three days spent in Berlin, we came to Lehrte, where waited for us German partner’s families. They welcomed us and took to their houses. On Monday waited for us new challenges. We went to German school. We didn’t know what can happen, but our apprehensions passed off. The teachers and students had positive attitude to ‘strangers’ and smiled at us. They showed us the school and surroundings. One day Mr. Lausecker made us a big surprise. He invited us to his pupils, who were in 5th class. He asked them to make interviews with us. Then we taught them some easy Polish words like: dzień dobry, cześć etc. This lesson was very nice and funny. After school we met all together and spent time in different ways. We visited each other and organized parties, at which we had fun, sang and ate special German food.


From Berlin we went to Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. There is a lock. It was a summer residence of the king of Prussia - Fryderyk II Wielki. After touring this place we went for a dinner. Next to we made a probe for our theatre performance. At about 5 p.m we went back to Berlin and had some free time.

On Saturday we stood up in the morning. We went with our suitcases to the drama school to make our theatre performance with an actor from Berlin theatre. After the long probe we had some free time. Next to we went by train to our German friends families to Lehrte.

Karolina D. i Ada P.

Meeting with Mr Robertson

On 27th October Polish students had a pleasure to take part in a meeting with a British politician and businessman. We had a chance to talk in English again. We found out many interesting things about British habits and culture. We had only one hour so we had no time to warm up with our English language. That was our first meeting with Mr. Robertson but all of us hope it wasn’t the last one.

Ola Neunert

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